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What Counts as Disordered Eating?

Last month we shared an article written by our dietitian friend Heather Caplan that lit our DMs on fire chillle. The article was essentially about how disordered eating was the new clean eating. A lot of you were shook by this statement (we weren’t expecting that) and wanted clarification. We got a TON of questions, comments, and concerns about your own eating habits (or eating habits of loved ones) and we wanted to address it all. 

Today on the podcast, Heather is here to answer all of your Qs and help us come to a compassionate understanding of what disordered actually eating is. We’ll be covering:

  • What is disordered eating/how does it look like in an everyday setting/how does it differ from eating disorders?
  • Is calorie counting inherently a disordered practice?
  • What to do if you’re worried about making sure you’re getting enough protein and micronutrients in during the day. Is it okay to track food for this?
  • How to support loved ones who you suspect have disordered eating patterns. One person shared concerns about her boyfriend potentially having an eating disorder & MORE


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