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As Registered Dietitian Nutritionists with over 250,000+ followers from around the globe, Wendy & Jess are popular influencers in the world of nutrition, health, and wellness. We love partnering with brands who align with our mission of providing inclusive and accessible wellness. Whether you are looking for brand awareness, meaningful conversions, engaging content or an endorsement from respected RDs, our goal is to help you successfully execute your campaign and build a lasting partnership. Scroll down to see all of the services we offer!

wendy and jess of food heaven

Hi, we’re Wendy & Jess, nationally recognized Registered Dietitians, Certified Diabetes Educators, authors, speakers, and founders of Food Heaven, a multi-media platform exploring the intersections of wellness and social justice. As culturally inclusive, weight inclusive, food positive, and anti-diet culture dietitians, we have worked with over 125 global corporations and brands over the last 11 years.

Our Food Heaven podcast (ranked top five in nutrition!) covers all things nutrition and wellness from a science-based perspective. With over 5 million downloads, the Food Heaven Podcast dives into categories like nutrition, mental health, Health at Every Size (HAES), food & culture, intuitive eating and body image.

In addition, we are co-authors of the 28-Day Plant-Powered Health Reboot, a Diabetes Guide to Enjoying the Flavors of the World and we also write a monthly food & nutrition column for SELF magazine.  We are so excited about the possibility of working together!

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Our Services

Instagram content creation @FoodHeaven (131K engaged followers)

Podcast Sponsorship (30-50K weekly downloads; top 1% of all podcasts in the world)

Virtual and in-person speaking (Google, Salesforce, The Skimm, WIC, Universities, and more)

Radio and TV media tours (Aldi, Tillamook, and more)

Newsletter mentions (30K subs / 33.2% open rate)

Talent for digital, TV, and print campaigns (Walmart, Citibank, O Magazine, Bon Appetit, and more)

Corporate consulting (Target, SELF, and various publications)

Panel participation or keynote speaker (Aspen Ideas Conference, Today’s Dietitian, and more)

Brand spokesperson (California Almonds, U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, Premier Protein, and more)

Workshop and Course Creation (Today’s Dietitian, Ritual, SELF, and more)

Strategy Consulting (Self magazine, Food Network, and more)

wendy and jess of food heaven



Top Countries

United States 96%
Canada 1%
United Kingdom .5%
Australia .1%


Black or African American 62%
Latinx 10%
White 32%
Asian or Pacific Islander 2%
American Indian or Alaskan
Native 1.3%

Top US States

New York 23%
California 16%
Texas 11%
Illinois 8%
Washington 7%

Top Age Ranges

18-24 yrs: 38%
25-34 yrs: 32%
35-44 yrs: 17%
45-54 yrs: 8.8%

Top Interests

Food & Cooking
Body Positivity
Mental Health
Natural Hair
Joyful Movement
Intuitive Eating
Health at Every Size
Home Decor

Ready to work together?

Click the link below and shoot us an email. We’ll be in touch! Let's Do This!