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Sponsorship/Partnership: Keep in mind that we do not do product reviews or affiliate programs. If you would like to learn about the types of partnerships we do offer, our media kit can be accessed here. Please email us at info@foodheavenmadeeasy.com so we can learn more about your brand/business needs. We’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible if your product / company aligns with our plant-based, whole foods mission.

Digital Programming Tech Issues: Thanks for letting us know! You are our top priority and we’ll make sure that someone from our team with get back to you within 48 hours (on business days). Hang tight!

Nutrition Questions: We answer many commonly asked nutrition questions through the Food Heaven blog as well as the Food Heaven podcast. If you need further nutrition advice, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a Registered Dietitian in your area. You can find a local dietitian here. You can also learn more about our transformative Walk into Wellness Program here.

Podcast Guest Pitches: Want to submit a proposal for you or your client to come on the Food Heaven Podcast? Please fill out this podcast guest submission form. (Note: this is the ONLY way to submit a podcast guest proposal, no email submissions please.) We will reach out if you or your client is a good fit for the show. No need to follow up. Thank you!

Guest Post Inquiries: At this time, we do not allow guest posts on our site. Please do not email us regarding guest submissions. 

Aspiring RDs/RDs: Great career choice! We outlined everything you need to know about becoming an RD in this article. Please take a look at the article and watch the video that’s included. Please take a minute to listen to our podcast episode about why being a dietitian is a great career choice. For RDs of color, we highly recommend you get involved in a local chapter of Diversify Dietetics (DD). You may be able to request mentorship through DD or dietetic practice groups such as NOBIDAN (National Organization of Blacks in Dietetics and Nutrition) or LAHIDAN (National Association of Hispanics in Dietetics and Nutrition). Also, make sure to join our newsletter, as we may be offering programs for dietitians/aspiring dietitians in the near future. Good luck!

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