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18 Trader Joe’s Snacks You Really Need to Stock Your Home With

trader joes snacks

I don’t know about you, but I’m hungrier than usual these days, to the point where Trader Joe’s snacks are an actual godsend. And no, I’m not saving lives on the front lines of the pandemic (though I’m grateful for everyone who is). I’m in my pajamas on Zoom.

How can I be so hungry even though I’m sitting around more than ever? Some research suggests that being more sedentary doesn’t necessarily result in a reduced appetite. After all, especially when you’re doing work, “sitting around” still requires thinking, concentration, focus, and just brain power in general, all of which require energy.

Also, since many of us are working from home, sometimes with fewer distractions, it’s possible that we’re more tuned in to our body’s internal hunger signals. For example, you may have more bandwidth to explore questions like: Am I hungry? Am I full? Was that satisfying? These cues can be easier to respond to when you have more control over your environment.
trader joes snacks

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