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Easy Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

This recipe was posted on our instagram here, but we wanted to make sure you all can see it on the site as well!

Stuffed Peppers
  • 3 tbsp sun-dried tomato pesto⁠ (any pesto works though)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil⁠⠀
  • 1 can of white beans⁠, rinsed and drained or 1 1/2 cooked beans
  • 2 cups of cooked rice, any type of rice will do⁠⠀
  • 3 bell peppers, choose whatever colors you like⁠⠀
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes⁠⠀
  • Parmesan cheese OR nutritional yeast for a vegan version⁠⠀
  1. Chop peppers in half, de-seed and drizzle with olive oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper, place in a baking sheet⁠⠀
  2. Cook at 350F for 25-30 minutes⁠⠀
  3. While peppers are cooking, cook rice according to package directions (I added veggie broth and olive oil for extra flavor)⁠⠀
  4. Once the rice is done cooking, mix in beans, tomatoes, and pesto.⁠⠀
  5. Stuff peppers w/ mixture, then add cheese or nutritional yeast, any herbs, salt, pepper and spices.⁠⠀
  6. Enjoy!!

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