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How to Build Generational Wealth w/ Jala Eaton

Generational wealth is a buzz term we’ve been seeing a lot lately, but what does it actually mean? Today we’re talking with Jala Eaton, an attorney who specializes in estate planning and contract law. She has so much valuable information to share and we had so many questions, so we broke this up into two parts. 

Jala is an attorney, licensed to practice law in California and specializing in estate planning and contract law. Fueled by her passion to close the racial wealth gap, she became a Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor (CTFA) designation and founded On My Own Financial, LLC. A business created to inform, educate, and empower millennials to manage and protect their assets through estate planning and financial literacy.

Through her business Jala speaks to people of all ages about the importance of understanding money, having a trust, and investing at an early age. She believes small realizations like these will lead to opportunities for more communities to truly build generational wealth giving them the ability to thrive within the economy. Prior to making the leap from the cubicles of corporate America, she worked as a Trust Officer managing the wealth of multi-millionaires.

In The First Episode We’ll Cover:

  • What estate planning looks like in practice
  • The four most important documents you should consider having
  • The legal implications of not having an estate plan 
  • How Jala’s relationship with money has evolved throughout the years + MORE!

In The Second Episode We’ll Cover:

  • What generational wealth means and practical ways to build it.
  • Conventional and nonconventional ways to build assets
  • The power of compound interest and how it works
  • Ways to build wealth when we don’t have much money
  • What a trust is and who should consider having one + MORE!


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