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9 Quick Meals Because I’m Sick of Cooking

I don’t know about you, but the coronavirus pandemic has got me wanting to cook less, not more. At this point, three-ingredient recipes are getting me through. Maybe it’s because it feels like I’ve been making breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day without a break. (I usually go out to eat two or three times per week or, at least, like, get a free meal at a mixer or something.) Maybe I’m less inspired to go grocery shopping when people are literally fighting for all-purpose flour in the baking aisle. Maybe I’m subconsciously stressing out over the man-made toilet paper crisis. (Really, America? Are we going there?)

In this particular moment, if I have to cook, my meals are going to be simple because I’m all about focusing on the least I can do. Today I bring you nine super-quick three-ingredient meal ideas for when you can’t even deal (which, lately, is every day for me). A couple of things you should note before getting started:

I was gracious enough to also make my husband a serving of each dish. Every time he sat down at the dining table, he said: “Yum,” “Wow,” or “That looks good,” and/or licked the plate clean. In other words, someone other than me has testified that these meals are real-deal delicious.

Since these meals are all simple A.F., there are no “formal” recipes or intricate instructions. It’s more throwing what you want together and having faith that it will turn out alright (which, I can assure you, it will).

Ready to add less stress to your life but still eat well? Here are a bunch of three-ingredient recipes I personally vouch for. Read our latest SELF article for 9 quick meals I’m throwing together during the pandemic.

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