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Plant-Based Monday: Seckel Pears

Plant-Based Monday is here and we’re bringing you seckel pears! How many of you have heard of these beauties? Or used them in recipes? 

Seckel pears are super tiny pears with a round body and shorter stem. They tend to be very firm and a little bitter. Seckel pears aren’t as sweet as a lot of the pears you might be used to. This makes them great for baking or canning. They are typically olive green in color but might show some maroon shades as well. The gorgeous color makes them wonderful to use as a garnish or decorative addition to any dish. And to your luck, they’re in season now! These pears are best from August to February.

To know if a pear is ripe, check the neck of the pear. If it is slightly soft to touch around the neck, it’s ready to go! Store unripe seckel pears at room temperature. Once it begins to ripen, you can delay the process by refrigerating it until you’re ready to bite.

Pick up some seckel pears from the local farmers market this weekend to use in dishes like:

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