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Meditation for People Who Think They Can’t Meditate w/ Yera Gomes

Have you tried meditation but can’t seem to stick to it? Or maybe it just feels weird? Meditation has a number of benefits, but so many people struggle incorporating it consistently into their routine. Today we’re breaking it all down with our girl Yeradmi Gomes. We’ll be getting into: 

  • Why most of us are approaching meditation the wrong way
  • Yera’s favorite method for instantly quieting a busy mind
  • How to make yourself physically comfortable when meditating
  • Useful tips for meditating if you have a history of trauma
  • A LIVE guided meditation with Yera (she basically put us in a trance)
  • And most importantly, whether or not you should scratch that itch that ALWAYS pops up while meditating (amirite?)


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