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5 Ways to Make Sure You Eat When You’re Sick of Cooking

When social distancing first started last month, no one wanted to hear about kitchen hacks. My feed was taken over by photos of sourdough starters and whipped coffee. I saw a ton on social media about people making more meals at home, experimenting with bread for the first time, and catching up on all those projects that had been pushed aside. Initially, I was totally on board, making elaborate breads, sauces, stews, and cakes. I started my windowsill garden, cleaned out closets, and did a bunch of online courses. But a few weeks in, I found myself completely burned out and unmotivated to do anything, including cooking. It felt like I went from one extreme to the other in a matter of weeks.

What we’re experiencing right now is overwhelming, to say the least, and I don’t think there’s one right way to process. You may find peace in doing the most or doing absolutely nothing at all. I’ve experienced both, and lately have been feeling very burned out by daily life. These past couple of weeks, I’ve had to think long and hard about whether or not it’s really necessary to get off the couch to prepare food. I’m hungry, I kinda want to eat, but do I really have the energy to get up and cook a meal? Recently the answer has been no.

I also understand the importance of nourishing ourselves, especially during times of chaos, because everybody’s gotta eat, right? For those of you who are burned out and struggling to make sure you’re eating adequately throughout the day, click on the link below to read our latest SELF article featuring five kitchen hacks that can help, from pre-made meals to meal prep tips and more.

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2 Comments on 5 Ways to Make Sure You Eat When You’re Sick of Cooking

  1. Avatar
    Jennifer Arnow
    May 6, 2020 at 9:34 pm (6 months ago)

    Thank you for these. I particularly needed the reminder of #1, I often get caught in the “I have to prepare & cook a well-rounded & delicious meal” which my kids don’t even eat half the time. But you know what? Some cheese & meat slices, crackers & fruit makes a healthy meal and the kids will eat every bite of that!
    I also particularly appreciated the reminder that sometimes it’s our mental health that needs more nourishment & if that means buying a packaged meal, then so be it.
    Thanks, ladies!

    • Wendy
      May 7, 2020 at 5:27 pm (6 months ago)

      Exactly! Glad you found it useful and thanks for stopping by <3


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