Do Good, Live Better & Save The Planet w/ Ashlee Piper

Have you ever read a book that was life changing?

One that truly shifted your outlook on something important?

That’s exactly what happened after we read Give A Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet, by this week’s podcast guest, Ashlee Piper. Ashlee is an eco-lifestyle journalist on a mission to make sustainability approachable, and dare we say, fun. Gone are the days when minimalism means that all your trash fits into one jar.  Ashlee talks about how to live sustainably without being preachy or a bore (god bless her).

In this episode, we chat Ashlee on how you can save the planet and save those coins while doing it.  Because ain’t nobody got time (or money) to mill their own flour. If you want to learn about how living sustainably can make your life better RIGHT NOW, then you’ll want to give this episode a play. 

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • What ethical beauty and fashion looks like 
  • Practical ways to become more sustainable and eco-friendly
  • The disconnect we have with climate change and the potential environmental consequences 
  • How to live more with less 
  • How sustainability is a social justice issue
  • Wendy’s latest impulse buy (hint: it’s a curly haired wig from China)
  • & MORE! 



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