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Can We All Just Stop With Summer ‘Body Goals’?

For years, I had the same routine every time spring rolled around. I’d frantically prepare for summer by signing up for intense fitness classes and nutrition programs in order to meet my body goals—achieve the perfect “summer body.”

It was always some kind of high-intensity interval crash course coupled with a healthy lifestyle nutrition program. My fellow dietitian friends were on the same page, too. We were more active on MyFitnessPal then we were on Facebook.

But the calorie counting always became exhausting—which is why I could never keep it up for more than a month at a time. To make matters worse, the fitness programs left me completely burned out. Wasn’t working out supposed to make you feel better and not worse? The kicker was that my body never really changed. Maybe I lost a couple of pounds. But the six-pack that all of these programs promised? It never came. I also never got Michelle Obama arms, nor was I able to “build a booty.”

But about five years ago, everything changed.

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