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Become Radically Fit with Lindsey Page

Lindsey is the founder of Radically Fit – a gym for the LGTBQ/POC/Body Positive community based in Oakland, CA. Lindsey has been a personal trainer living and loving in Oakland for over five years. After falling in love with working out, she wanted to share that passion with anyone who wanted to find it.

As a queer woman of color, she wanted to be able to open and run a gym for the LGTBQ/POC/Body Positive community. With the help and support of her community in Oakland, this dream became a possibility and Radically Fit was born. She is so grateful to be able to serve her community by doing something she truly loves to do while reshaping people’s view of what “being fit” looks like.

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • What drove Lindsey to open up her gym, specifically for LGBTQ people of color
  • What makes Radically Fit Oakland stand out from other gyms
  • The behind-the-scenes nuts & bolts of creating a safe and inclusive space
  • The ideas behind the creation of Radically Fit’s community specific classes and the needs they fulfill (e.g. PHAT Yoga, BBQ, Trans/GNC mind-body alignment)
  • The emotional impact of doing fitness without focusing on weight loss, and how that frees the radically fit community
  • The evolution of Lindsey’s relationship to food since removing the focus on weight loss
  • How those who are not fat/queer/POC can support the Radically Fit Mission
  • & MORE! 




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