Where We Shop For Food

Being registered dietitians, we are constantly talking food. In this episode of the Food Heaven Podcast, we’re taking a fun twist and talking about where we shop for food. Take a listen and let us know your favorite places to shop too!

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Where we shop
  • Seasonal shopping
  • Shopping on a budget
  • Our weekly and monthly shopping tips
  • Some of our favorite products 


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2 Comments on Where We Shop For Food

  1. Avatar
    June 25, 2018 at 4:37 pm (9 months ago)

    ONE OF MY FAVORITE PASSTIMES!!! My husband has called supermarkets my heaven on earth, haha. I love food shopping!

    I love Lydig Pick and Pack they are right about the corner from me as well as Community Green Market a little bit to the right and north of there! I never shop at TJs, my husband loves TJs but I am not sure where the closest ones. I haven’t explored bronx farmers markets yet but I do enjoy Union Sq Market when I go down there. Freezing is key to keep fresh food lasting longer and prepping them before you freeze too. Online I use fresh direct when I need heavy things brought to the house, specifically 6 gallons of water and cases of seltzer, otherwise the cost and experience.. it’s better to just be shopping in person, personally. Now that you mentioned Berkley Bulk I am on a mission to find an equivalent here in NYC.

    Thank you for chatting about this with us!

    • Wendy
      June 29, 2018 at 2:10 am (9 months ago)

      Yess Lydig is the besttttt. I need to try these online delivery services! I hate carrying seltzer water up to my apartment.


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