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Choosing Safer Beauty & Body Products

Today we’re going to be talking about natural beauty and body products. This topic has become increasingly popular, and since what we use on our bodies impacts our health, I thought it would be great to make this topic an episode. We’re chatting with Megan Roosevelt, who’s a registered dietitian and the founder of Healthy Grocery Girl. I came across Megan on the interwebs, and saw that she had written a few pieces on naturalizing your beauty pantry. I absolutely love her site, articles, and recipes, and so it’s such a treat to have her chat with us about this topic today! 

Here’s an overview of what we covered: 

  1. Why is it important to watch out for what ingredients we put on our body (lotions, makeup, soaps, etc)?
  2. What exactly is considered natural in cosmetics?
  3. Key ingredients to avoid when choosing makeup & some of the major ingredients to avoid in body care products
  4. Practical tips for introducing safer products
  5. Helpful nutrition tips for healthy skin & more! 

Resources mentioned:

Environmental Working Group Cosmetics Guide 

To learn more about Megan, read below and check out her awesome website here

Megan Roosevelt is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, founder and CEO of Healthy Grocery Girl® and the host & producer for the #1 Family Friendly Dietitian Channel on YouTube with over 3 million total views. Her realistic, fun & genuine approach to healthy living has cultivated a loyal online following & community. She is an internationally published author, host, producer, as well as a nutrition expert for television and magazines. Megan lives in sunny Los Angeles, California with her husband & business partner, Aaron Roosevelt. Healthy Grocery Girl® is a wellness website & video production company helping busy people and families enjoy real food and natural living. Healthy Grocery Girl keeps it simple and fun with weekly online videos and an online wellness membership providing nutrition programs, video courses & shopping guides. Healthy Grocery Girl also provides video production & social media services for health and wellness brands. 


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