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Our Latest Snack Obsession

Some people can get through the day without snacks. And then there’s the rest of us. Hunger pangs are never fun and snacks are a great way to get from one meal to the next when you’re not quite ready for a full meal. Cheese and crackers is one of my go-to snacks because…cheese. It’s one of my favorite foods, and is incredibly easy to incorporate. If you’ve been looking to up your snack game, this one is for you! We’re SO excited to team up with Tillamook Cheeseboards, which is a snackable mix of your favorite cheese, fruit spread and artisanal crackers.
It sucks to have a snack, only to be hungry again 10 minutes later. I’ve been obsessed with their cheeseboards because aside from tasting SO GOOD, they also leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied. I’ve been grabbing to enjoy while working or when laying out at the park (with a mask of course). When it’s time to wine down, I pair with my favorite summer wine and netflix the night away. My favorites have been the Sharp Berry Crunch that comes with marionberry spread and rosemary crackers, and the Sharp Strawberry Heat, that comes with spicy strawberry spread and rosemary crackers. 
Added bonus? No is prep needed, and they’re super easy to eat. We’re inviting you to #MakeASnackPact to win fun prizes, including the chance to have cheeseboards delivered to your door in under 2 hours or even Tillamook’s Ultimate Snacking Prize! VISIT to make a snack pact of your own and enter the giveaway! 

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