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My 3 Favorite Ways to Use a Food Chopper/Processor

Today we’re teaming up with KitchenAid to feature one of my FAVORITE kitchen tools! Their new Cordless 5 Cup Food Chopper, which is part of the new Cordless Collection, is so versatile and really helps to cut down on cooking and prep time. Plus, without the hassle of cords, I can cook anywhere in my kitchen and keep my countertops clear so I can focus on the cooking process. 


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I don’t know about you guys, but I hate chopping onions. That’s probably what I use the food chopper for most often, but with the two-speed settings, you can also mix and puree to get the exact results you want. 

Here are the 3 ways I use the KitchenAid Cordless Food Chopper the most: 

  1. To make pesto! I had some leftover scallions from the market, and so I decided to make pesto with that + basil, almonds, parm, olive oil, and salt. I store in small containers, and freeze whatever I won’t be using for the week. 
  2. To prep the base of all my cooking: I add onions, garlic, and sometimes celery to the chopper and use that throughout the week for soups, stews, and sautés
  3. To chop fresh herbs: I hate when any food goes to waste. Usually the bunches of herbs at the market are huge, so when I get them, I immediately throw into the chopper, pulse, and add as a topping to dishes. Leftovers get frozen in individual portions or in an ice cube tray with olive oil! 

This food chopper is part of the new KitchenAid Cordless Collection, which also includes a hand blender and 7-speed hand mixer. These tools  are so convenient because you can use them anywhere in the home, regardless of where that power outlet is. Check out the latest video I did here featuring the top 3 ways I use the food chopper.  

What’s one kitchen tool you can’t do without? 

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