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Living Authentically w/ Emily Kyle

Do you ever struggle with being your true self in either your work or personal life? [Raises hand.]

That was the case with this week’s podcast guest, Emily Kyle. As a nationally recognized media dietitian, Emily felt like she wasn’t living an authentic life in the way she was practicing nutrition.

Recently, she decided to do something about it and “came out” about who she really was in a powerful 3,000-word blog post. (A post that had us up an hour past our bedtime reading and nodding through the whole thing.) In this episode, we talk about Emily’s journey to living authentically as a wellness professional. 

If you’ve ever struggled with authenticity, you definitely want to tune into this episode. 


In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • Tips for embracing who you are and living an authentic life 
  • How Emily became interested in nutrition and how she grew to love the field
  • Her experiences with feeling conflicted about intuitive eating and health at every size
  • Why she doesn’t identify as an anti-diet dietitian
  • Where Emily is now with her nutrition approach 
  • & MORE! 


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