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You Want to Eat Healthier. Your Partner Does Not. Here’s How to Handle That

You’re doing your weekly grocery shopping and meal prep, kicking ass in the kitchen making delicious, balanced meals. You’re also living with bae, and bae is not getting on board with your new healthy lifestyle. You try talking them into it, explaining the benefits, why it’ll be good for them, and nothing seems to be registering. Eventually disagreements and arguments ensue.

Being in a relationship can have a strong impact on food choices. This is especially true if you live with your partner. You’re probably spending a lot of time together, maybe cooking and going out to eat, and food is something we all tend to bond over. So what happens when someone wants to change the way they eat but their partner isn’t on board? Things like going out for ice cream, Netflixing and ordering in, making dinner reservations for a special night…yeah, it all just got a little more complicated. I can’t tell you how many times nutrition clients have met with me about how to get their partners on board with eating healthier. They’re usually pumped about the lifestyle changes they’ve made and want their partners to get on board too.

Things tend to go left shortly after that. The person trying to eat healthier either gets too pushy or even (sometimes inadvertently) starts guilt-tripping their partner into eating differently, sometimes not even noticing the challenges their partner is dealing with. I’ve had couples literally get into screaming matches in my office about this topic.

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