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Fatphobia & Racial Exclusion in Dietetics w/ Veronica Garnett

The most visible voices in the Health At Every Size / Intuitive Eating movement are white and thin. Ironic and frustrating since this movement was created to promote size inclusivity, as well as race, sexuality, disability, and gender inclusivity. Today we’re talking with fat positive dietitian Veronica Garnett about fatphobia within the field of nutrition, honoring culture through food, and how we as health professionals can work together to make sure diverse voices are heard and represented.

Veronica E. Garnett, MS, RD is a fat positive and HAES/IE-informed registered dietitian specializing in women’s health nutrition, diabetes nutrition education, and HIV nutrition care. Veronica has either been studying and/or working in the field of nutrition and dietetics for over 16 years! She received her bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences from Howard University, her master’s degree in nutrition education from Columbia University, and her associate’s degree in culinary arts from Hudson County Community College. When she is not dietitian-ing or cooking nutritious and delicious foods she can be found jumping out of planes, walking the runway, advocating for a better world, or spending quality time with her family, friends, and dogs, Chewy & Pepper.

Fatphobia and Racial Exclusion in Dietetics

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • Veronica’s experience as a fat black woman in dietetics
  • How Veronica has learned to navigate fat phobia when dealing with colleagues, family, & friends
  • As health professionals who practice HAES, things we can do to amplify the voices of fat people
  • & MORE!


Veronica Garnett

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Black Adventuristas


Fatphobia and Racial Exclusion In Dietetics

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