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Ethical Style w/ Katie Pruett

I used to think the idea of sustainable fashion was out of my reach. Because…who can afford to spend $96 on a t-shirt?

This week’s podcast guest completely change my mind. I realized that sustainable clothing can actually be cheaper than fast fashion, and in some cases, free.

Today we’re talking about ethical style with Katie Pruett. Katie turned her love for people, storytelling, and fashion into Ethical Style Journal–a print and digital magazine for conscious fashion. The magazine was born from the idea that shopping sustainably should be fun and accessible. Tune in to hear our conversation with Katie on how to be a conscious consumer.

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • How Katie got involved in ethical fashion 
  • Her process for creating her gorgeous magazine, Ethical Style Journal
  • How sustainable clothing can be accessible to all, especially those who can’t afford a $96 t-shirt
  • Why Katie chose to feature people of color within the sustainable fashion space
  • The biggest misconception people have about sustainable fashion
  • Katie’s personal approach to clothing/style PLUS her favorite ethical brands and go-to fabrics
  • Tips for someone who wants to be more sustainable with fashion but doesn’t know where to start and doesn’t have a huge budget
  • & MORE! 


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