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Why We Stopped Promoting Weight Loss

Hey everybody! Welcome to another episode of the Food Heaven Podcast. Today we’re getting into weight loss. We get so many patients, and listeners too, who hit us up about wanting to live a little healthier- and the focus of the conversation usually starts with weight loss. A lot of people equate being healthy with losing weight. There seems to be this culture of weight obsession, especially among women, and a lot of times it’s not conducive to developing sustainable lifestyle habits. So today we’re going to talk a bit about weight as it relates to health and get into our approach to living your healthiest, best life


In this episode, we will cover: 

  • Why we need to stop using BMI and Ideal Body Weight as markers of health 
  • Factors such as genetics, metabolism, activity, health conditions, and medications, that affect weight 
  • Why having a weight loss-centered approach is not conducive to developing long-term lifestyle changes
  • What the research has to say about weight loss-centered approaches
  • Our approach to developing a healthy life you love 
  • Things you can do at home to shift your focus from weight loss to a lifestyle that works for you
  • & MORE!

Resources Mentioned:

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