Should You Eat Organic & Non-GMO?


Science can be confusing.

Take organic vs. conventional produce for example. For most of us, it can be hard to sift through the mounds of (sometimes conflicting) research to know which growing practices are best.

The media doesn’t help. For example, headlines may say that conventional produce is better than organic on Monday, and then exclaim that consuming GMO foods are going to kill your unborn baby on Tuesday. Who can keep up?

Today we sit down with one our favorite dietitians, Whitney English Tabaie, who is the QUEEN of nutrition science. Whitney’s mission is to help people make educated decisions about the food they eat by providing evidence-based information on popular nutrition topics. In this episode, Whitney navigates the sticky world of pesticides and lets us know whether or not we have to really spend the extra money to buy organic. 

Whitney is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, and founder of the website and YouTube channel, Whitney E. RD. Whitney’s mission is to help readers make educated decisions about the food they eat by providing evidence-based information on popular nutrition topics and sharing healthy original recipes that fit her “Predominantly Plant-Based” nutrition philosophy. She has been featured on outlets like Good Day LA, Bon Appetit, People, Today’s Dietitian, Buzzfeed, Huff Post, Men’s Health, Shape, Reader’s Digest, and many more. When she isn’t whipping up healthy meals in “Whit’s Kitch,” she can be found soaking up the Los Angeles sun with her pup, Mr. Chow.


In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • What exactly organic and non-GMO means
  • The latest research on GMO and pesticides
  • Concerns and health implications of their uses
  • Regulations on pesticide use
  • How you can limit exposure to pesticides and GMO’s



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