Dietitian Spotlight: Nicole Rodriguez

Nicole Rodriguez

1. Tell us a bit about yourself? 

My IG bio says it best: Fit mom. Dietitian/Trainer. Serving up easy eats, stronger glutes, and shame-free food for thought – with a sprinkle of disco-funk.  Passionate about inspiring confidence in our food system.  Occasional blogger.  At the beach whenever possible.  

2. What’s your favorite part about being a dietitian?  

Sharing the stories of the people – especially women – who bring our food from farm to fork.  As a Master of Beef Advocacy, I have a particular soft spot for cattle ranchers and producers.  You’d be surprised how many women work behind the scenes in this particular industry.  

3. Describe what your typical week looks like?  

I set the tone for the week with a heavy Sunday morning strength-training session.  Quite simply, it gives me life!  Since clients tend to shop for the week on Sunday, I might have a grocery store tour in the afternoon.  During the week I take client appointments in the evenings.  Once every couple of weeks you’ll find me in the gym VERY late – past midnight – shooting demo videos for a fitness accessory line.  Things are never quite the same, and that’s just the way I like it!  

Nicole Rodriguez

4. How do you find balance between work & personal?  

Two things: separation of church and state (limiting talk about work in mom groups and my daughter’s school-related activities; never training others where I train myself; limited nutrition-related talk with friends and family), and making an effort to put technology to sleep a solid hour before my own bedtime.  Social media is such an exciting networking tool, but it’s wise to make sure your virtual relationships aren’t interfering with personal ones – or your sleep!

5. What are 3 foods you can’t live without?  

Toughest. Question. Ever!  I am SO grateful to have access to any food I want, at any time of year, and I love them all!  Breakfast is a huge part of my day, so I’d be pretty lost without my staples: Fairlife milk and eggs.  And if anyone told me I could never have a bacon cheeseburger again, I just might die of a broken heart. 

Nicole, thanks so much for contributing to the spotlight! If you want to learn more about Nicole, check her out at Enjoy Food, Enjoy Life

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