Dietitian Spotlight: Manuel Villacorta


Tell us about yourself and the Whole Body Reboot! 

I am native Peruvian raised in Lima, Peru. I have always been centered on food and family. I love cooking and being in the kitchen. The work I do in the kitchen allows me to come up with new recipes and ideas that I can share with my clients and readers. I love to travel and when I go to a new location, I am often going into supermarkets and open markets to see the variation not just in the types of foods, but also in how they are presented.

The Whole Body Reboot program is a lifestyle approach to losing weight by incorporating superfoods. It allows a person to find balance in what they consume, without cutting off certain food groups or items. Rather than just looking at calories, we look at all the food groups from grains, fruits and vegetables to fats, as well. After we look at that, we create a customized meal plan that is specific to each individual. 

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What is your favorite part about being a Registered Dietitian?

As a registered dietitian, there are many sectors that you can go into. The more obvious choice is the clinical setting, but I like being independent. With my private practice, I am able to work on different tasks and not be limited. I often work as a educator, coach, spokesperson, and speaker. I love the variation in what I do.

Tell us about what your typical week looks like?

For me, there is no typical week. I guess the base of the week is comprised of meeting with clients in my private practice. The week can also involve filming segments for live television, developing recipes and videos in my kitchen, as well as going into corporations and speaking to them about nutrition. Sometimes, it’s everything within the same week.


How do you find balance between your work and personal life?

Finding balance is a tricky thing. I have learned when to set time aside for myself, but I have also learned how to be flexible with my scheduling. Exercise time, which is very important to me, is always done in the early morning hours, before my work day starts. I have my office hours and reserve those times only for my clients. I also make time for cooking. When I cook, I feel relaxed and connected with my food. I sometimes work weekends editing and finishing up projects for clients, but then I am able to make up for that by going on trips.

Tell us 3 foods you cannot live without 

These foods are definitely my staple foods that I use all too frequently.

  • Maca: I am completely hooked on it. It’s great for pre-exercise shakes to get my morning routine started.
  • Chicken breast: I eat other types of meat, but this is my go-to for protein.
  • Broccoli: I eat this all the time. I can’t get enough of broccoli.

For more on Manuel Villacorta, check out his site, Whole Body Reboot here!

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