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5 Ways to Deal If Other People’s Food and Body Talk Triggers You

During the holiday season, it seems like conversations about weight, body image, and food happen more than ever. You have your cousin talking about her latest diet or your brother commenting on how much quarantine weight he’s gained. In the past, I’ve been at family gatherings where all conversations revolve around diet talk. It gets tricky because it’s one thing if someone is commenting on your body or food choices—that can be rude and invasive, even when it’s well-meaning, and there are ways to deal. But what do you do when a loved one’s comments about their own eating or body are triggering you?

Diet talk includes any conversation around restricting certain foods or exercising to lose weight and/or change your body shape. It can take the form of discussions about actual diet programs, like Whole30, keto, paleo, and more, but it can also be more subtle, like someone saying they were “so bad” for eating pizza earlier. If you’re like me and find these conversations super annoying and upsetting (but don’t want to flip out at the dinner table) here are some tactics that may help. 

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