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22 Best Kitchen Tools and Utensil Sets for the Beginner Cook

Most of us have been spending more time in the kitchen lately because we sort of have to. Having the best kitchen tools for your specific needs can make that time more enjoyable. Whether or not cooking is typically your thing, it’s times like these that highlight the importance of knowing your way around the kitchen. Cooking at home has a number of benefits, but it’s understandable that so many people don’t care for it. It can be time-consuming, stressful, and exhausting. But it can also be easy, simple, satisfying, and empowering, especially if you have the right equipment.

Through talking with clients, I’ve noticed that one of the biggest reasons people are intimidated by cooking is because they’re not sure what they need to make the process more seamless. Read out latest SELF article for 15 of the best kitchen tools and kitchen utensil sets to help get you started!

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