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18 Flavorful, Delicious Snacks From POC-Owned Brands

Some people can get through the day without snacks. And then there’s the rest of us. Snacks are a great way to get from one meal to the next when you’re not quite ready for a full meal but still want to avoid hunger pangs. Also, with the madness of the pandemic, it’s totally normal to feel hungrier than usual for a few reasons. (Or to feel any number of things when it comes to food, really.) If you’re spending more time at home and you find yourself feeling hungrier, it might be because you’re more attuned to your appetite. These past few months have forced a lot of us to slow down and be present with whatever is happening. If you’re normally multitasking and rushing through the day, it’s easier to rush through eating and not pay such close attention to our actual hunger. Feeling extra hungry can also be a sign of the stress of it all. Either way, making sure you’re eating consistently throughout the day is super important right now.

Here are 18 snacks from POC-owned brands to help you do that. Continuously investing our dollars into POC-owned companies is vital to those companies’ survival and success. Keep in mind that most of these snacks come in multipacks and the prices reflect that. Now, let’s get to snacking, shall we?

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