Nashville, Tennessee

We’ve heard so many amazing things about Nashville- mainly the food, music, shops, and nature outings. Just about everything we need in life. When we found out that the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE 2015) would be taking place here, we knew we had to go. We were not disappointed. Although we only spent 4 days  (most of our time was spent attending geeky nutrition workshops and seminars) we were able to do some exploring. Here are some of the cool spots we checked out:


After we landed, we headed to this spot for lunch. Jess had the strawberry salad, and I had the grilled salmon BLT (without the bacon). We also enjoyed their sweet potato wedges. Merchant’s is located right on Broadway, so afterwards we went for a stroll and listened to all the great live music that was playing in various venues on Broadway (mid-day!)

The City Winery

As we were driving through town, we spotted this beautiful building that said “City Winery.” We looked up the menu that evening, and decided on checking it out for dinner. We had such a great time. The City Winery is a multi-purpose space- they have concerts, food and wine classes, they run a fully-functional winery (I took a tour of where the wine is stored- amazing!), and offer incredibly tasty meals. We ordered the Margherita flatbread, the shredded kale salad, and macaroni and cheese. For desert, we split a scoop of locally-sourced vanilla ice cream. We loved it so much here that we actually returned the following day for dinner hahahaha

Pinewood Social

Hands down, our favorite spot! The coolness factor for Pinewood Social is through the roof. They have a cafe area, a dining area, an outside seating area, a living room, a bowling alley in the back (whoa), anddd a pool in the back that is open during the warmer months. Insane. For dinner, we ordered split the kale caesar salad, fried broccoli, and the salmon entree. We loved our experience so much that we then returned the following day for brunch!

The Post East

Not gonna lie. The food in Nashville can be on the heavy side of things and after eating a few southern comfort meals, we were ready to gulp down green smoothies. We checked out The Post East, a cute coffee shop that makes smoothies, juices, salads and more. We were able to customize our green smoothies, and also enjoyed a tasty brown rice and black bean salad. We then took a stroll in the neighborhood, which had some cool murals and adorable houses.

Shelby Bottoms

We took a ride through Shelby Bottoms, a beautiful nature park in East Nashville. This is a great place to go to unwind, lay down, or even get a workout in. They have trails for biking, running, hiking, and wildlife watching.

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