Why You Should Ditch New Year Resolutions

2018 is officially here and so are all the weight loss, detox, and cleanse programs that usually come along with the new year. You’re probably seeing Pinterest boards, ads, and social media posts encouraging you to develop (oftentimes) unrealistic goals for the new year. So we want to talk about why you should ditch those resolutions and commit to a lasting, balanced, and healthy lifestyle instead.

Think about how it usually goes down. We get super pumped with the idea of a “new year, new you.”  The idea of starting with a clean slate is very appealing, so we get out our notebooks and write out our wildest dreams in hopes of going for the gold. Week one usually goes great…motivation is at an all-time high and those wheels are turning. Week two works alright, but you had a friend’s birthday that you had to celebrate or work ran longer than usual so you picked up some delicious (not so healthy) fast food on your way home. By week 3, you slowly realize that these goals aren’t going as well as you had planned. And by week 4, you’ve called it quits.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. We’ve set plenty of failed goals too. This isn’t necessarily because of lack of motivation or willpower either. Often, it’s because of the way that we set goals. They are either focused on the wrong thing, are unrealistic, or don’t have an action plan to help get it executed. Despite all of the promises of Pinterest and social media, there is no magic pill. True lifestyle changes take time. That being said, we’re not against wanting to live a healthier, more mindful, and active lifestyle. We are in favor of creating a life you enjoy living…one that doesn’t revolve around cleanses and detoxes at the start of a new year. So here are our top five ways to live your best, healthiest life, without setting lofty New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Commit to self care: Ditch all the guilt, self-loathing, and regret that are associated with resolutions, and diets specifically. Instead choose to treat your body right. Do for yourself whatever your body may need. More alone time, mindful movement (ie: yoga or walking), or a rejuvenating meal. Listen to your body.
  2. Choose to nourish your body: This is a goal that helps to focus on the foods that you eat without committing to diets. Nourishing your body means that you are feeding it what it needs. We of course want to honor nutrition, and so aiming for plant-powered meals will provide tons of nourishment. We also want to honor cravings, and enjoy that slice of cake or glass of wine. Listen to your body and practice eating intuitively. Check out our article on intuitive eating here.
  3. Start saying yes: Say ‘yes’ to things that push you outside of your comfort zone. Choose to take on new challenges and opportunities to learn more about yourself. Say yes to active movement that feels good to your body. Say yes to things that make you happy. And enter the new year with a curious mind…be open to exploring new activities that promote healthy lifestyle habits. 
  4. Start saying no: Say no to people, places, things that no longer serve you is equally as important as saying yes to new opportunities. If you need alone time, know that it is perfectly okay to decline plans with friends or say no to a task that will overwhelm you.
  5. Set SMART Goals: We might be anti-resolutions, but we are not anti-goal setting. We fully believe in setting goals the right way and achieve one small goal at a time for sustainable changes. SMART goals prepare a roadmap to actionable steps that lead to a desired outcome.
  • S – Specific: Choose a specific goal so you know exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish.
  • M – Measurable: Your goal must be measurable in some way to know when you have achieved it.
  • A – Achievable: Can you do this? Is this goal something that you know you can achieve? If not, then choose a new goal.
  • R – Realistic: Is this goal realistic with your life, your time, and your schedule? Don’t set a goal that has any amount of doubt attached to it. We want you to set goals that set you up for success.
  • T – Time-bound: Your goal must have a timeline associated with it so that you know when it is time to evaluate it. By _____ time, I will have achieved _____.

For example…”I will drink 2 cups of water every morning, Monday-Fridays, before leaving to work, for the next month.” You see, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Small steps for the win! 

Choose to be kind to yourself in 2018. Say yes to what you need, say no to what doesn’t serve you. Nourish your body. Nourish your mind.  What is your mantra? What will you do to be kind to your body in the new year? Share your thoughts on 2018 with us in the comments below!

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