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Dietitian Spotlight: Sarah Curry

Tell us a bit about yourself and/or Dishin’ it Out? 
I started Dishin’ It Out with a mission to help people make healthy the norm.  It’s easy to go on a health food kick for a couple of weeks, but just as easy to slip back to old habits once there is a hiccup in your schedule or simply lack of inspiration at dinnertime.  Dishin’ It Out’s site/instagram/facebook is filled with nutrition tips, healthy hacks, easy recipes, and motivation along the way.  

Most of my recipes center around dairy-free and gluten-free dishes.  I don’t think cutting dairy and gluten out is a superior way of eating at all, but my aim is to not exclude those with milk allergies or celiac.  I recently had to cut dairy from my diet as my nursing son is allergic- my goodness, it seemed like milk was in EVERYTHING.  The only resources for recipes I could find were either vegan or paleo- I didn’t not fit into either of those categories and the nutrition misinformation in many of these diet-specific blogs was shocking.  Dishin’ It Out is a voice of reason for the dairy and gluten free sector of the internet.  

What’s your favorite part about being a Dietitian?
So hard to narrow it down!  Food is relevant to everyone- we have to interact with it multiple times a day- a commonality that brings us together literally and figuratively.  For those of us who have allergies, what everyone else has in common can be the very thing that separates us.  I love finding ways of bringing those who feel restricted and isolated back to the table.  Another thing about dietetics is how something as simple as what we eat can prevent and facilitate the healing of disease.  I mean, really- how fascinating is that?!   
Describe what your typical week looks like?
Because Dishin’ It Out takes food from a creative culinary side and a science-based nutrition perspective, the week holds a lot of variety- which I love.  At any given week I am researching for two nutrition articles- the one for that week and the one for the next.  I focus on recipe development one day (or two, depending on how many times it takes to get it right!).  Once I am happy with the recipe, I will work on the styling and photographing of the food as well as writing the post.  Once the recipe post is live I will start writing for the nutrition post I have lined up for that week and continue researching for next week’s topic.  This is the general flow with a lot of answering emails, working on marketing, and collaborating with other bloggers in between.  The best part of it by far is interacting with my readers over email, Facebook and Instagram. It’s really neat to watch the community forming.


How do you find balance between work & personal?

Dear me…I work from home, set my own schedule, and have an online-based business- it is the trifecta for lack of balance!  I have to fight for it daily.  I work hard to not get sucked into the social media time warp by turning off notifications and checking only twice a day.  I also try to stick to a schedule I set for myself at the beginning of each week that takes in my husband’s work schedule as well.  He works a few evenings a week, so I do my best to get as much done when he is out so when he is home we can relax during our time together. When I work at the house I also do my best to only work when the kids are asleep so they don’t remember their mom as always being glued to a screen.  These are all the ideal that I am inconsistent with, but am (hopefully) getting better at.

What are 3 foods you can’t live without?
Peanut Butter
Dark Chocolate

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