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Dietitian Spotlight: Kendra Tolbert

Tell us a bit about yourself and Live Fertile

Hi there! I’m Kendra, a registered dietitian and aromatherapist obsessed with all things nutrition, women’s health, enjoyable movement, and aromatherapy.

Live Fertile is an extension of those passions. It’s for women (though the fellas are welcome to visit as well) who want to learn more about wellness, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum healing.

What’s your favorite part about being a dietitian?

My favorite thing about being a dietitian is the ability to integrate all the things I love into the work I do. I’ve always loved science, food, dance, integrative health, and women’s health. 

As a dietitian, I don’t have to choose just one thing — I can blend them together and create something unique I truly enjoy that helps folks.

Describe what your typical week looks like

Though most of my time goes to reading and writing, each week does look slightly different. For the last two and a half, maybe three years, I’ve been obsessed with tracking my period and understanding how hormone shifts affect my energy level and focus. It has really helped me figure out what to give my attention to from week to week.

For example, some weeks I’m a bit more introspective, while other weeks I’m more outgoing and energetic. The introspective times are great for brainstorming new ideas and writing more personal posts and articles. And the more outgoing times are when I try to do a bit more social media or reach out for collaborations.

Last year, I needed a change, so I left my community nutrition job and moved to a new city to build a business around women’s health. Now, I do all my work remotely. Whether it’s writing for other sites, writing posts for my blog, finding clients for my new online practice, or networking with other RDs and health care providers, all I need is my phone and my laptop.

How do you balance work and personal?

The pomodoro timer has been a godsend! It’s a timer that goes off every 25 minutes to remind you to take a break. The first three times it goes off you take a 5 minute break, then the fourth time you take a 15-30 minute break. It helps me remember to look up from the screen, enjoy a cup of tea, and move a bit (it’s the perfect time to body roll). 

Signing up for a series of yoga or dance classes helps me stay active. With drop in classes, I’m prone to prioritizing other things and put off going to class. Scheduled, prepaid series of classes help me stay consistent. Belly dance has my heart right now! 

And this one may sound a little silly but it really works. I sprinkle words like “breathe”, “have fun”, or “shimmy” throughout my to-do lists. It adds a little whimsy to my day and reminds me there’s more to life than productivity and getting stuff done.

What are three foods you can’t live without?

Oh, that’s tough! Just three? Ok, I’m going to go with:

  • Tea (does tea count as a food? I’m totally counting it),
  • Sweet potatoes, and…
  • Eggs

Kendra, thank you so much for contributing to our Dietitian Spotlight section! You can learn more about Kendra, and all the great work she’s doing here:

Live Fertile | Pinterest | Instagram | Facebook

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