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Meal Planning Challenge

Here's What We'll Be Teaching...

Week 1: Pre-Prep

This week we focus on setting the stage for meal planning success. You'll spend time prepping your kitchen, cleaning out your pantry and getting the right meal prep gear.

Week 2: Breakfast

Missing that morning meal really sets the tone for what you’ll be eating for the rest of the day. In this module, we'll talk about the secrets to a balanced breakfast that you're actually excited to eat.

Week 3: Lunch

Lunch can be the most challenging meal because most people are at work or school during this time. In this module, you'll learn our strategies for prepping a delicious, home-cooked lunch in advance.

Week 4: Dinner

We all want a comforting meal to end the day. This week, we'll give you the tools to prepare quick and easy dinner options in 20 minutes for less.

Bonus: Snacks

What's a challenge without a special bonus? In this module, we discuss our tried and true strategies for healthy snacking. We also provide a done-for-you list of healthy snacks to choose from.

Testimonials From Our Students

"I thought I was doing a good job; however this course made me more aware of WHAT I needed to prep to maintain a healthy balance."
Heather T., Age 34, Administrative Assistant
"I really liked that it was broken down by meal by week as opposed to jumping in which could have been overwhelming."
Christine V., Age 32, Researcher
"The challenge got me to change how I approach self-care in that what I eat during the week doesn't have to just be this blah thing that checks a box on my list of things to do. I can eat things I genuinely look forward to, that make me happy and fuel me for the rest of my day."
Marlene B., 29, Lawyer
"[My biggest breakthrough was] having each meal broken down to the components needed."
Kaelan G., 25, Social Services

PLUS: 4-weeks of done-for-you meal plans...

Plant-based, flavorful, satisfying and nourishing
Batch-prep style to help you save time
Budget friendly


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Meal Planning Challenge

I can eat things I genuinely look forward to, that make me happy and fuel me for the rest of my day." - Marlene B., 29, Lawyer