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Herb Infused H2O

Looking for something sweet to get you through the day? Try our Herb Infused Water recipe to pair with your lunch or to keep you hydrated all day long.  This is great for when you have some herbs or fruit that is about to go bad.

Our country is hooked on sugary drinks.  Sodas, juices, coffee drinks, you name it, it’s loaded with added sugars that can lead to other health consequences like excess weight gain or chronic conditions like type II diabetes.  A 44 oz. soda can have up to 128 grams of sugar in it.  That’s about 32 teaspoons of sugar! Why drink that much sugar when you wouldn’t eat that?

IMG_5766Infused water gives you all that flavor to cure your sweet tooth without the actual sweets. It will also help to keep you fully hydrated.  Water keeps our body temperature normal, helps lubricate our joints, flushes out our kidneys, carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells, and can especially help to prevent constipation. Water consumption varies from person to person depending on how much you sweat and move throughout the day, but a good rule of thumb is about 8, 8 oz. glasses each day.  This is equivalent to about 2 liters each day.  If you’re not used to drinking water, this might be a challenge to get all that in. But that’s why we make infused water! It can help make water a bit more appealing.

All you need to do is fill a mason jar with water (or any other fun glass that you like).  Then add 3-4 berries and 2 orange slices to the water.  Pinch the basil leaves and the mint leaves to help release some of that flavor that is in the oil of the leaves.  Let it soak overnight or for a few hours to allow time for those flavors to really marinate.  Then enjoy!

IMG_5772As we have said before, it is very important to make sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day.  Soda and other sugary beverages can’t hydrate you the way water can, so infusing your water like we have here makes sure you’re getting hydrated without losing that flavor.  You can put any fruits or herbs in your water that you like! What types of things do you like to infuse in your water? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

Herb-Infused H2O
  1. 1 mason jar, filled with water
  2. 10 basil leaves
  3. 10 mint leaves
  4. 3-4 berries
  5. 2 slices of orange (or you can use your favorite fruits!)
  1. Put the last 4 ingredients into the water-filled mason jar.
  2. Pinch some of the leaves to release their flavor.
  3. Let soak overnight and enjoy your water!
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