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What We Eat In A Typical Day

Hey friends! It’s been a minute since we’ve talked about what exactly we’re eating on the day to day. So today we whipped up this episode detailing our breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages, and also include supplements and exercise routine. Yep- we get pretty detailed. Listen below, and let us know what you think and what you’re eating!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What type of food we like to eat when eating out (and how often we go out to eat)
  • What we both do first thing in the morning instead of drinking coffee
  • Why Jess stopped drinking green smoothies in the AM
  • Wendy’s favorite basic dinners after a long day
  • What exactly Jess has for desert every. single. night. (and what she has as a nightcap each night)
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